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Bayut Clone Script: Create Your Own Property Listing Platform.
Do you know that Bayut earns between $15 million and $25 million annually? They receive revenue from numerous individuals who visit their website. In July 2023, 5.3 million people visited their website. If you want to create a real estate Bayut clone, you’re in the perfect place. We’ll explain what Bayut is and how to create an app like it.
What is Bayut?
“Bayut” is a popular website in the UAE where people may search for residences and offices to buy or rent. Around the UAE, they have several listings for various types of properties, such as flats and offices.
The Bayut Clone Property Finder offers several key features.
To create a successful real estate property finder clone app like Bayut, incorporate specialized features that assist consumers in finding, purchasing, or renting homes and offices. Here are some crucial features to consider:

Property Listings: You should know a lot about the homes for sale or rent. This contains thorough descriptions, high-quality photos, virtual tours, and property details.

Search Filters: Add selections to help users find what they’re looking for. These filters allow people to narrow down their search based on factors such as where they want to live, how much they want to spend, type of property, size, and what’s nearby.

Map: In your app, include a map so that users can see where the properties are located. This allows them to better understand the properties’ location and surroundings.

User Profiles: Allow users to create their own profiles, where they can store searches, mark homes they like, and receive recommendations for properties that match their preferences.

Real Estate Agents: Display the profiles and contact information of real estate agents or property managers associated with the properties. This makes it easier for users to contact them.

Communication Tools: Allow users to send messages or chat with property owners, agents, or other individuals interested in the properties.

Virtual Tours: Provide 360-degree virtual tours or movies of the properties. This creates the illusion of being present.
Step-by-step instructions for making an app like Bayut
Ideas and Planning:
First, determine what your app will do and who will use it.
Examine what other similar apps (such as Bayut) are doing and determine what is missing.
Features and How It Works:
Define your app’s features and functionality, including house listings, search filters, user profiles, messaging, virtual tours, and reviews.
Choose the most important features based on user preferences and popularity.
Decide where to make it:
Decide whether your Bayut clone app will run on iPhones, Android phones, or both.
You can also employ tools that serve both purposes to make things easier.
Create a user-friendly and visually appealing app design:
Draw mockups of how the app will look so you can view it before you build it.
Create a robust internal system for managing residences, user profiles, communications, and other features.
Making the Inside Work:
Create a platform for house owners to effortlessly add and manage their properties.
Allow them to describe the houses in excellent detail, such as their appearance and location.
Adding Houses and Keeping Track:
To make it easier to find residences, create a search feature that includes location, price, size, and amenities.
Include maps in the program so that users can see where the houses are and what’s around them.
Making It Easy to Find Houses:
Create a feature for users to create their own accounts and communicate with others. They can save their favorite houses and speak with the sellers.
Allow people to demonstrate what the dwellings look like through movies and images.
User Accounts and Talking to Others:
Allow users to review and rate properties, agents, and the app itself.
Decide how you’ll make money with your app, such as by charging individuals to list their homes for sale, offering subscription options, or running advertising.
Testing and ensuring it works:
Check that the app works properly, is simple to use, and works on a variety of devices.
Launch the software by uploading it to app shops such as the Apple Software Store and Google Play Store, and promote it through the internet, social media, and partnerships.
How can Red Spider assist you in creating a Bayut Clone Property Finder?
Team’s Real Estate App Experience:

At Red Spider, we have extensive expertise in developing real estate apps that improve people’s experiences and help businesses flourish. Our engineers are well-versed in topics such as showing houses, search tools, user accounts, and other features that are essential for an app like Bayut.

We tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of each app. The team will consult with you to determine what you want, whether it’s specific search options, virtual tours of houses, maps, or making it easier for people to communicate with one another and agents. We pledge to create an app that is exactly what you want and stands out from the competition.
Behind the Scenes: A Solid Foundation
Red Spider ensures that the app’s unseen but critical component functions properly. It can handle a large amount of data about residences, user accounts, communications, and other vital items. This means that your software will function properly even if a large number of users use it.

We can include advanced features such as virtual house tours, property information, interactive maps, and agent contact forms. It improves and expands your app’s functionality.

digital marketing in Dubai